Introducing Reddit shadowban

There are millions of daily users on reddit. Each in their own little groups called ‘Subreddits’. In every subreddit you have moderators. These are the creators of the subreddits (they are not administrators of REDDIT). The moderators can decide whether someone can post in their subreddit or not.  They also have the ability to ban you from their subreddit.

Admin compared to moderators have a reddit wide power. They can permanently ban your account, remove content and everything else a moderator can do, just on a grander scale. The most important part of their job is to keep reddit secure from spammers, and rule breakers in general. Shadowban or suspension is one of their favorite punishments.

What is Reddit shadowban?


Reddit shadowban is a condition effect that the Admin or the automatic spam filter of Reddit gives your account. You can do everything that you could normally do on Reddit. The only difference is that nobody can see your actions. The moderators have the approve your comments and posts as it will be automatically blocked. Some people are not even AWARE that their account is shadowbanned due to them not posting content regularly and are only up- or downvoting.

Not knowing your account is limited is the most annoying part of it all. ‘You can use our site and do everything you want, as it doesn’t matter what you do. ‘

There is not much known what can cause shadowbans.

Some reasons that can cause your account to be Shadowbanned


Here is a list of potential reasons for a shadowban

  • Posting SPAM on a regular basis (in most cases the moderator will ban you from their subreddit, further actions can result in a shadowban by an ADMIN)
  • Advertising products in a subreddit not meant for advertising (in most cases the moderator will ban you from their subreddit, further actions can result in a shadowban by an ADMIN)
  • Harassment (do not follow people around on subreddit)
  • Annoying admins (admins are fickle people doing their work, do not annoy them just for fun.)
  • Mass down/up-voting an users content (this is considered manipulation)
  • Doxing (just don’t bring up doxing ever!)
  • Don’t be under 13 years of age (do not be under that threshold)
  • Don’t be a dick ( just treat people like you want to be treated)

Check if your account is shadowbanned : Shadowban checker

What can I do to get my account unshadowbanned?


You can fill in an appeal on which the admins may or may not reply to. The chances of your account being released is low (0.00001%). Appealing can also cause your account to be deleted as a whole.